Friday, January 31, 2014

In my eyes,
you shine so much brighter
than them, darling.
I can only compare it to the sun -
what else is bright enough?
Perhaps serenity, perhaps whimsy,
perhaps my favorite song on repeat.
But these don't compare -
you are one with the sun.
Written January 30th, 2014

I have no words today
to express my heavy heart.
But, I will try.
When I'm alone,
the answers escape me,
thoughts burst and explode in my head -
They're taking over!
But then people come along
and I see the answers in their hearts -
Love them! - God tells me

Friday, January 24, 2014

Be restful
my tiny little wayfarer.
The answers will come
in the most
serendipitous manner.
They'll jump
and glow and float
before your eyes.
And yes,
amazement will be present.
and you'll sing
a true song
to the sky.
Keep on your path
my tiny little wayfarer,
the best is yet to come.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Have you ever looked
death in the face?
Have you ever thought
of this stark reality?

We are mist.
We are shifting
and moving
and changing
and then we will be gone.

Does the brevity
of our lives
intimidate you
or does it
intrigue you?

Does our impending death
inspire you
or inhibit you?
Be who you are.
Shine your beautiful,
radiant face
in the sunlight.
Feel warmth, feel fullness,
feel the overwhelming
presence of our God above.
You are wonderful and free.
Live with purpose,
knowing that you will
fly away in only
a few short years.
Isn't it astonishing 
how life can change so abruptly,
and in the most distressing ways? 
Instantaneously, our balance is thrown off -
ordinariness is a stranger,
and we begin to question 
the stability of our beliefs. 

There must be some force
that propels us to keep operating,
some force that reminds us of
a kind friend: hope,
some crazy reasoning behind the
madness of life.

The beautiful part
is that we keep trekking on,
and along the way we learn
that these moments that change us
don't need to be answered here,
not now, not in this life-
they will be answered down the road.
Now we know in part,
soon we will know in full
the reasoning behind the madness.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My friends, I have quite the theory here.
It's scandalous.
The world doesn't see it as right.
Let me tell you what the world says:
Look after yourself. Try to get ahead. Buy the latest products to make you shiny and new. Do absolutely whatever pleases you. Tan legs and long hair make you beautiful. Your welcome to complain if the world is not satisfying your needs. Being with a man/woman will satisfy you. If someone wrongs you then it is right to get back at them. Live life like a queen/king because it is all about you.

I think this is bullshit.

This is what I am proposing here,
a new way of life.
The path is a little narrower than before.
It's gonna take some work
and grumbling and complaining
but I promise you,
something great and shiny and new
will come from it.
The theory of its-not-all-about-you-ism:
Live generously and give unceasingly. Love the strangers around you whom you have no business talking to. Make peace with your family. Fall in love with Someone greater. Accept your body as it comes and see the beauty that lives inside you. Come clean and confess. Forgive. Make amends with old friends. Point out what you love in others. Reuse things. Utilize empathy and compassion. Life fully and set down your cell phone. Sit down and actually think about your life and its purpose. Fall in love and lose your life in that love. Live freely and lightly. Give away material items. Accept differences and promote individuality. Embrace moments as they come. See life as fleeting.

This will change the world.
(written on December 24th, 2013)

Maybe life is about
learning to like ourselves
in the midst of our
twisted up emotions.
Maybe life is about
learning to love others
and to love God.

Such is life,
this learning process,
this constant shifting and unsettling,
where is the peace?

Learning to be bold
and to say what we feel-
to not hold our good thoughts in,
because they will soon escape
into the void of our minds.
Learning to accept who we are,
really, at our core,
the child of Someone greater. 
(written on July 14th, 2013)

You are my treasure.
My heart lives
In You.
(written on December 24th, 2013)

Today I went on a walk.
I'm gonna tell you- I absolutely felt infinite.
I felt as though every secret was being
revealed to me with each step.
It was beautiful contentment.
It all felt right. Nothing felt wrong.
I felt God. Really, I felt the Presence
right beside me.
God was an old friend. I had loose
thoughts and I felt God listening to
them. Isn't this great?

I wanted to fly away and meet God
I promise you, the time felt right.
My belief in the Presence felt so real.
God and I together, as one.
This is more than cliche shit.
It was an overwhelming sense of
belonging. It was home.