Saturday, January 4, 2014

My friends, I have quite the theory here.
It's scandalous.
The world doesn't see it as right.
Let me tell you what the world says:
Look after yourself. Try to get ahead. Buy the latest products to make you shiny and new. Do absolutely whatever pleases you. Tan legs and long hair make you beautiful. Your welcome to complain if the world is not satisfying your needs. Being with a man/woman will satisfy you. If someone wrongs you then it is right to get back at them. Live life like a queen/king because it is all about you.

I think this is bullshit.

This is what I am proposing here,
a new way of life.
The path is a little narrower than before.
It's gonna take some work
and grumbling and complaining
but I promise you,
something great and shiny and new
will come from it.
The theory of its-not-all-about-you-ism:
Live generously and give unceasingly. Love the strangers around you whom you have no business talking to. Make peace with your family. Fall in love with Someone greater. Accept your body as it comes and see the beauty that lives inside you. Come clean and confess. Forgive. Make amends with old friends. Point out what you love in others. Reuse things. Utilize empathy and compassion. Life fully and set down your cell phone. Sit down and actually think about your life and its purpose. Fall in love and lose your life in that love. Live freely and lightly. Give away material items. Accept differences and promote individuality. Embrace moments as they come. See life as fleeting.

This will change the world.

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