Thursday, May 28, 2015

the beach

I spent today at the beach. And I found that there's something beautifully refreshing about lying in the sun too long and thinking too much. Here are a few of my thoughts that I felt were noteworthy enough to write down. They are scattered, simple, and straightforward... And they mean a great deal to me.

*Random kindness. Is there anything greater than random kindness? I think not.

*We are so much a product of everything that it becomes easy to believe that we're nothing... irrelevant, unimportant..
But you, my dear, you have been made up of beautiful virtues, you are a completely unique contribution to human existence,
and you must always, always remember how important you are.

*When did it become so important to look beautiful?
Do you feel beautiful?
If so, you are.

*My strivation to know God has taken me on a new path.
The path is neither right nor wrong.
It is simply necessary.

*Some things we learn.
Some things we just know.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

just another soap box

When I sit and ponder, I realize that life truly does not require much. We make it about a whole bunch of things that it doesn't have to be about. Is the whole premise of life not to simply love and be loved? To feel beloved, to feel down, to feel alone, afraid, beautiful, full of light. to feel full of everything life has to offer?
When did the purpose of feeling ever defer from feeling purely to feel?- To feel to know we're alive and we're here, existing? Because life boils down to simple concepts. And a whole bunch of other shit gets unnecessarily thrown into the mix,, like money, like acceptance, like how society says we have to be a certain way. Life does not say we have to adhere to these things. The world and its inhabitants say we have to.
Have you ever thought that maybe we live to live, love to love, and felt to feel? With no hidden agenda?  No secret, selfish reasoning up your sleeve, no hidden plot devised to get what you want? That we lived for clear reasons, clear intentions? But society seems to get in the way of this.
And, yes, I can preach and preach, and think and think, and give myself the mental satisfaction of believing that I have this life thing figured out, but the key is implementation,
A driving, important thought that is not implemented is a sad thought. Where does it go besides hover in the mind of the thinker, constantly nagging, daring to be exposed, to change the world, yet we push these daring thoughts back, afraid of what the world will say?
Well, sweetie, what does it matter what the world and its inhabitants say? We surrender to life and life only, not this world, Because life is daring, And the world is cowardly.

So, give in to life, let it take you where it takes you. And live.

*semi-inspired by the following quote by Cheryl Strayed:
“You have to pay your own electric bill. 
You have to be kind. 
You have to give it all you got. 
You have to find people who love you truly and love them back with the same truth. 

But that's all.”

Monday, May 25, 2015

memorable quote by Cheryl Strayed

here's a quote that I once loved, forgot about, & then fell in love with it again upon rediscovering it: 

"You don't have a right to the cards you believe
you should have been dealt with. 
You have an obligation to play the hell
out of the ones you're holding 
and my dear one, you and I have been granted a 
mighty and generous one." 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'll ask you a question

a challenging, perplexing,
absurd question...

Do you like yourself?

and if the answer rings "no",
what can you do to change that?

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I looked over and we were in the clouds-
249 others sat with me.   
And we were floating, ascending,
keeping pace with the fluffy masses,
billowing white and brilliant and beautiful. 

And we were together but apart.
And we were everything but nothing.

And we were frail and human, 
peering down upon the rows of
civilization that we humans have created,

with eyes entranced by the blue, 
the blue everywhere! shimmering 
a bright, brilliant hue, this seemingly 
endless blue, boastful and bewildering,
a proud blue, a true blue, 
the truest blue that the eye can see,

all the while, a mind filled with wonder,
wondering about the peculiarity of 
this transparent gas that we deem "air" 
that keeps us alive and afloat,
this substance unseen, yet sustaining,
essential, accessible, monumental..

thoughts racing wildly, thinking, the overarching theme:
We Are So Very Tiny. 

the someone I'd like to meet

someone who lives a little life 
and is content with their little life 

yet they also know
that their little life 
makes a big impact 
on others' little lives 

thus creating this intertwined,
little-big world in which we are
constantly giving and taking,
walking and talking, making a 
bigger impact than any of us
could have imagined...

someone like that. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is this what it's like to be enlightened?

I am so very full of life today..
so very full of everything,
of everyone, of everything
that has been, is, and will be. 

I am floating. 
I am apart from myself. 
I am disembodied,
but so very connected. 
I am either extremely caffeinated 
or extremely enlightened. 

I am sitting here, contemplating..
how can I keep this feeling 
from escaping me?

Because it will escape,
it always does,
moments like these are fleeting. 
Life gets in the way,
always, because it's obligated 
to go on,
the same way we're obligated
to shift and change with it.

But, now,
here in the present,
in this time of my existence,
this feeling is mine.

And I will hold on to it
for as long as 
God has permitted. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


we're humans.
how can we not
relate to one another?

we share primitive traits,
primal traits.
we are all one another-
inevitably interlaced
by our frail humanity.

we all exist.
we all take in air, expel air.
our food is digesting,
our hearts are pumping,
our eyes are wandering,
our minds are racing,
our hands are discovering,

and we're all searching,
searching, unceasingly searching
for the place we exist fully,
for the place we breathe most freely.
for the place we belong.

so let us humans
attune ourselves to the
homogeneity among us

and let us create this place
that we're searching for