Saturday, June 21, 2014

the two infinities 

This is life
and I am existing
in this moment
suspended in time.
My breath sustains me,
my heart retains me.
I feel an overwhelming
presence of something
bigger and wiser
beyond me.
It brings me peace.

I lay beside you.
The sun shines;
it warms my skin
but you are under the ground.
(Are you able to feel the sun?)

I want to feel you here,
present in this very moment
with me, but I am unable.
I feel bothersome;
I feel incredibly anxious
as to what life will
become without you,
but I trek on.

Death is a funny thing;
life is a funny thing.
And oddly enough,
they are strikingly similar -
they both keep going,
creating the only infinities
that we know
(we are either alive
or we are dead).
They propel us to feel,
to dream, to create who we are.
You will live
and then you will die:
and who will you become?

The limiting reagent of life
is time.
Time is limiting, fleeting, fearsome.
Your time has run out.
My time is ticking
as I lay here,
sun shining, breeze blowing,
inspiring thoughts
of existence.


  1. I like how you draw a parallel between life and death. Yes they are very similar aren't they? This is a great poem. This has moved to the top of my favorites of yours thus far. If you get a chance, in my comments section there is a blogger named "Brian" (he's the only Brian on my blog so he's easy to ffind). He has a blog called Way Station One. He is an incredibly gifted poet. I think you would like his writing, and he your.

  2. Thank you so much for your constant affirmation. It inspires me to continue writing. It's comforting to know that someone, somewhere is reading my thoughts and appreciates them!
    As for Brian's blog, I will most definitely check it out. I'm always looking for fresh writers/blogger to read & learn from!