Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My heart is full of ideas;
my mind is full of questions.

So many places I could be,
people I could become,
sights to be seen,
lives to be understood -

but I am here.

And is here
where I am intended to be? -
I think yes,
but a defying opinion
arises when I consider
the vast possibilities in life,
the potential that humans hold
to paint their existence
in whichever way they please.

Something is growing in me,
inspiring me to discover, to become,
and that something feels a lot like
a pull in the right direction.

But for now -
I am here;
and the present
is the only reality
that I know.


  1. We always think that "here" is boring whilst thinking that "there" is not. We always want to be where we aren't, it's a natural human condition. But I will say that if you're feeling a pull, don't ignore it :)

    1. I'm feeling a pull, most definitely. Enjoying where I am now but there's a change coming soon - I can feel it!