Monday, April 13, 2015

This may be ridiculously simplified and equally naive, but it makes sense in my mind. 

We are fully loved, 
fully known,
and fully understood 
by only One Power.
That Power is Love. 
Now, Love can take on many forms;
Love presents itself to us in
mysterious ways,
beautiful ways...

Love puts on skin in 8 billion different life forms. 
Love walks the Earth with four legs.
Love ruffles our hair when we step outside. 
Love blooms bright in the Spring, and neutral in the Fall.

But amidst all the various ways in which this Power, Love, reveals itself to us, 
we must remember the source from which it came...
This source is inexplicable, but it manifests itself so fully in our hearts. At the core of our being, in the very essence of ourselves, lies this Love. Even if we don't consciously recognize it residing in us, Love is always there within us, guiding us, fighting for us, cheering for us... 

And just because no human can explain the transcendence of this Love (although we try), does that make it any less real? Do we feel it any less because we can't explain it? 

So it is with my understanding of God. 

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