Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You know what,
I think that Jesus lived the weirdest life ever.
If He were on earth today-
If His two feet on the ground,
He would be labeled as a hippie
and a liberal
and everyone would be confused
by His lack of things
and His great joy.
Those two things usually don't belong together.
I admire Jesus
because He was different.
He is a breath of fresh air,
a breakthrough from materialism
and cell phones and judgement.
Jesus is beautiful because He
is always alive - in the Heaven's.
Sometimes I just want to ditch 
this life and be with Him-
to ask Him every question that
I've ever had about faith or life
or why some of my favorite people 
don't know who He is. 
But I have faith, that day will come,
and I will dwell with Jesus forever.
And we will hangout- 
maybe around a campfire,
maybe without shoes,
and I'll tell Him
I love Him.

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