Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is this what it's like to be enlightened?

I am so very full of life today..
so very full of everything,
of everyone, of everything
that has been, is, and will be. 

I am floating. 
I am apart from myself. 
I am disembodied,
but so very connected. 
I am either extremely caffeinated 
or extremely enlightened. 

I am sitting here, contemplating..
how can I keep this feeling 
from escaping me?

Because it will escape,
it always does,
moments like these are fleeting. 
Life gets in the way,
always, because it's obligated 
to go on,
the same way we're obligated
to shift and change with it.

But, now,
here in the present,
in this time of my existence,
this feeling is mine.

And I will hold on to it
for as long as 
God has permitted. 

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