Thursday, May 14, 2015


I looked over and we were in the clouds-
249 others sat with me.   
And we were floating, ascending,
keeping pace with the fluffy masses,
billowing white and brilliant and beautiful. 

And we were together but apart.
And we were everything but nothing.

And we were frail and human, 
peering down upon the rows of
civilization that we humans have created,

with eyes entranced by the blue, 
the blue everywhere! shimmering 
a bright, brilliant hue, this seemingly 
endless blue, boastful and bewildering,
a proud blue, a true blue, 
the truest blue that the eye can see,

all the while, a mind filled with wonder,
wondering about the peculiarity of 
this transparent gas that we deem "air" 
that keeps us alive and afloat,
this substance unseen, yet sustaining,
essential, accessible, monumental..

thoughts racing wildly, thinking, the overarching theme:
We Are So Very Tiny. 

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